So I went to IKEA and bought myself a stock of these Cakes they have and stocked them in my freezer.
Last night I had some friends over for dinner and I took out the Almond cake. I let it rest for 30min outside of the box it comes in, served it with blueberries and a very nice Soy whipped cream. The cake is actually pretty good seeing how my friends jumped up in panic and thought I was eating a regular cake. They were pleasantly  surprised to hear it was a gluten free cake…from IKEA.
No construction manual, no missing parts just a tasty cake with a nice texture to it and right flavors, totally Gluten Free for only 4,95€  and till the end of the month they sell them for 3,50€ (IKEA FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY) !!
So next time you go to IKEA you can go and try some in their resto or just buy some in the Swedish Food shop.
I got the other cakes in the freezer ready for consumption…I’ll keep you posted on these and that whipped cream you see in the pictures.




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