A couple of months ago I got the news that the major fastfood player joined the Gluten Free wagon.

This doesn’t mean it’s a healthy meal now but trust me…the news made me happy.
So far it’s only happening in 4 locations in the Netherlands so that means a citytrip was to be planned.
The closest one to go to was Rotterdam which was perfect ’cause I haven’t been there in a while.
We followed the gps that lead us to a big mall at Rotterdam zuidplein.
Actually I don’t have that much to say about the burger. They both tasted like I remember how they tasted and that I ordered another one when we left simply ’cause I was so happy to enjoy a MacDo burger again.
A friend that joined also had a gluten free quarter pounder and he said the difference with a regular one was hardly noticeable. The meat of the quarter pounder, cheeseburger and hamburger are 100% beef so that’s safe.
I hope they will soon expand this plan to Antwerp Belgium…
More info (in dutch) HERE : McDonald’s GLUTEN FREE



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