Let me start by saying this:
I believe that in 5 to 10 years there will be a huge change in what we eat.
It’s becoming clear that more and more people are Gluten/Wheat & Lactose intolerant.
Why is this? Simply because most humans are not made to consume processed foods and
certainly not Wheat and cow products.
Wheat is easy and cheap to grow, so big companies add this grain to their products to boost their business profits…but that’s a whole other story…
Wheat and Lactose are not like toxic waste that when you consume it your body will immediately show signs of rejection… No, it’s something that our body has slowly been adjusting to but most of us simply don’t adapt to it. So now, after many generations, more and more bodies are starting to tell us that it’s no good.

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And now a little something about me.
CHANGE : When I was 24 I decided to change my ways of living by showing more respect for my own body.
TEST : I already knew my body couldn’t handle lactose but I wanted to know everything, so I got tested for food allergies and found that I had a Wheat intolerance, just like my mother. She knew this for years and her reaction to wheat is much stronger then mine so it’s clear that there are different stages in this intolerance, or allergy. WIKIPEDIA FOR MORE INFO
REACTION on WHEAT : I tend to get highly sensitive and really irritated to noise and small things other people don’t even notice. I get cranky. My stomach starts to protest, which results in a bloated stomach, and in some cases I get headaches.
REACTION on LACTOSE :  it works on my stomach. It starts to rumble and make noise as a sign of protest which leads to an urgent visit to the restrooms…

Other than that I’m just fine, …not a fan of mushrooms tho!

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Why this Site/Blog.

I had this plan/idea to start a website that might grow into an online shop or maybe even a real location where one can buy all kinds of foods for people with restrictions and for those free of complaints, a place where u can enjoy a coffee or tea with some freshly baked cake, bread pudding or even a pasta dish…
Like a real Deli…
So for now I’ll just start by posting some plates I cook and things I want to cook. Here you’ll find ingredients and interesting food facts for those who, just like me, are conscious of what to eat. I know I’m not alone so for all of you I’m making this site to gather info on what to cook, what to shop and even where to buy it.



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